As Fall approaches, it becomes a good time to look around our yards and exterior of our homes and make those efforts to clean and straighten up some of those things we let go during the rainey months. Does your house trim need a touch-up? How about those black wrought iron gates? We have noticed that quite a few of the black wrought iron gates in our community could use a fresh coat of paint. Maybe now would be a great opportunity to get that taken care of. It could only help enhance the beauty of your home, as well as our community. How about getting that old mailbox post painted and looking fresh. You can contact you ARC members to get the correct color match.

Oakridge is now approaching 30 years old and our homes have withstood earthquakes,thunderstorms and years of families living in them and the community. Our homes are well cared for, our community is maintained, tennis courts are a wonderful place to play and relax.  

Your Board of Directors wants to make sure your voices are heard.  You can reach us by phone, fax, email and talking direct with us.  Concerns, ideas, suggestions to make even better are welcomed. Our meetings are typically scheduled for the last Monday of each month. A sign is posted at the First Street entrance typically one week before each meeting. For more information, contact us here.

This is our community, we all can make it better   We want you to participate in the management and policies of the Board.  You make this a great place to live.

Page last updated 09/05/2014