New Mail Box design

KS-#A Almond Color with Polished Brass Insert Flag (color shown APPROVED)

Double Post (color shown NOT approved)

Single Post (color shown NOT approved)

New mailbox approved for Oakridge Estates
Manufacturer: Gaines Manufacturing Company
Model: KS-3A with delux post and address plaque
Color: Almond with polished brass front Plate and Flag.

Below are some resources to purchase this mailbox. SImi Valley Oakridge Estates HOA is not affiliated with these sources. These are merely provided to help the residence of our community locate a potential source for these mailboxes. In no way does the Simi Valley Oakridge Estates warrant the quality of product, service or price these vendors provided.
The Simi Valley Oakridge Estates HOA encourages those looking to purchase this style of mailbox to do you own research before purchasing.

Other Vendors:California Mailboxes (
Price NOT Installed:
Double Mailbox $772 + tax

Price NOT Installed:
Single Mailbox $458.00 + tax

Discounts availible for over the phone orders(5%) and for mail in check(no tax) orders, Contact vendor and tell them you are with Simi Valley Oakridges Estate.
! ! ! Prices verified via website 5/28/2013 ! ! !.

Other Vendors:The Mailox Works - ( Phone: 800-824-9985
Price NOT Installed:
Double Mailbox $887.00+ tax

Price NOT Installed:
Single Mailbox $488.00+tax
! ! ! Prices verified via website 5/28/2013 ! ! !.

If you have questions as to what mailboxes, number plates and posts are required, please contact the ARC ( )

Please be advised that the ARC has not and will not approve splitting old and new mailboxes onto two separate posts.

Since this new design and color have been approved by the HOA, ARC approval is not required, so long as you install the exact post, box, insert, flag, numberplate, color, etc...

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