05/02/2015 - HOA Water useage April 2004 throu May 2015

10/12/2014 - Marina Monthly Report for September 2014



09/30/2013 - Iron fence Project 2013.

09/13/2013 - Marina Monthly Report for July and Aug 2013.

  • Architectural Information:
    Guidelines used by the our Architectural Committee when reviewing request regarding gates, storage containers, garage doors, etc.., can be found on this page below ".
    It should also be noted that when making changes to your property, certain things first require the approval of the Architectural Committee before you can begin, such as but not limited to:

      • Changes in style or color to front doors
      • Changes in style or color to the exterior of your house
      • Changes in style or color to garage doors
      • Changes in style or color to windows
      • Changes front yard hard and/or land scaping
      • Changes the architecture of the home(patio roofs, room additions, patio enclosers, etc...)
      • Addition or removal of plants and trees over 6 feet tall
      • Some backyard hardscapes( such as pools, waterfalls, backyard fireplaces and other misc hardscapes)
      • Window replacements require approval from the ARC

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